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  • Mediation the future
  • Lord Falconer said that ‘mediation is the future’ and will become more widespread, especially for commercial, employment and media cases where the adversarial process is ‘too expensive, too risky and too dangerous’.


KJL Mediation practices and promotes the use of mediation to resolve most types of civil and commercial disputes. Mediation is a practical and affordable method that can lead to solutions not available through any other process.


All our mediators are full members of the Civil Mediation Council, (CMC). We not only adhere to the Civil Mediation Council rules and regulations but we have also voluntarily adopted an enhanced version of the European Code of Conduct for Mediators. We not only meet the standards required for mediators practising in the UK and Europe, but also the very highest standards of mediators practising worldwide.


Our mediators have a wide range of experience and some specialise in disputes in particular industries. We only appoint mediators who have the right training, skills and experience for your type of dispute.


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