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  • Mediation the future
  • Lord Falconer said that ‘mediation is the future’ and will become more widespread, especially for commercial, employment and media cases where the adversarial process is ‘too expensive, too risky and too dangerous’.

What is Mediation?

And is this the right process for your dispute?


On the day

What to expect on the day of the mediation.


On settlement

What happens if an agreement is reached? How is it recorded and if neccesary enforced at a later date?


If no settlement

What happens if no settlement can be reached? What do you do next?


Quality Assurance

Our aim is to provide you with the best possible mediation experience. To achieve this the Mediation Centre adheres to internationally recognised processes and procedures.


Our Fees

How much is it going to cost to mediate your dispute?


Mediation is a fast and very cost-effective method of resolving a dispute. It is possibly the most widely chosen form of alternate dispute resolution, (ADR), used today. Current court rules require lawyers to consider its use before  and during court proceedings. Going to court is normally more expensive, takes far longer and offers no guarantee of an outcome that satisfies the real needs or expectations of those involved.


We are the only Law Society accredited civil and commercial mediators in the Norfolk / North Suffolk area and are dedicated to providing a first class confidential service at very competitive fixed and transparent rates.


Based just outside Norwich, Norfolk, we provide a civil and commercial mediation service. All our mediators are locally based so they can provide a face to face, personal service. Mediations can also be undertaken by telephone or Skype if appropriate. We are only a couple of minutes off the A47 with free parking right outside. If this is not convenient, our mediators can always come to you. We undertake mediations seven days a week and  there is no extra charge for weekends.


Mediation is appropriate for virtually any type of dispute and the benefits of reaching a settlement through this process can be significant:


  • It can result in creative solutions that a judge or arbitrator can not award.
  • Most mediations take only one day or less to complete, hence iit s much quicker than going to court.
  • Entirely private and confidential process, (unlike court proceedings).
  • You keep complete control of the outcome, no solution is imposed.
  • It is low risk, if you do not like what is on offer you do not have to settle.
  • Everyone can work together to find a solution and often repair damaged relationships.
  • In 85% of cases, disputes are resolved at or shortly after the mediation.
  • If the process does fail we can provide through our affiliated firms all other available forms of ADR including Med-Arb, Arbitration, AdjudicationConciliation and ultimately if required, Litigation.


To find out if your dispute is suitable for mediation please call our mediators on 01603 717520 for an informal and free consultation.

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